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blog_icons's Journal

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these are very simple. just follow them, m'kay?

-No Drama; its stupid, and needless to say but were not five year olds.
-No Stealing; we don't steal cars, we shouldn't steal people graphics. people work hard on them.
-Credit; very simple. either in keyword or userinfo. credit either michellesaur or blog_icons
-Follow Makers Rules; most makers will post rules with there post;
-Friends Only Posts; need i say more?
Break any of these rules you have subjected yourself to;

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coming soon

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support us? just tkae the code in the text box and paste it into your userinfo =]
I would be very grateful.

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i suggest checking out these other cool dudes and dudetts, they are loads of fun.
They also supply quality graphics and information;

- swallowthescene